Integrated Empire-style interior design project

  • Integrated Empire-style interior design project
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The Empire style is chosen for the apartment interior. This style of the Baroque era in its purest form can be traced throughout the object. Some bias towards the late Renaissance presents just in certain rooms adding richness to the interior.

Our specialists have managed to achieve moderation in this interior design with a clear expression of the Empire style. They have combined all the components of the interior into stylistically unified ensemble obtaining a harmonious, undeniably refined result.

Empire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior design


The walls are finished with panels that are facets of exquisite content. Their delicate lilac shade invites to relaxation and tranquility. And this is not the only trick.

Empire-style apartment interior design

Empire-style apartment interior design

Guest bedroom

The guest bedroom features Baroque Damask wallpaper pattern and plaster stucco.

Peculiarity is that this room looks more atmospheric and stylistically younger against the backdrop of the Empire style. There are no pretentious furniture legs, rather the opposite. There is an emphasis on forms inherent in Art Deco - wide frames (mirrored on the walls and ceiling, and veneered for walls and cupboards), as well as modern spotlights and accent decor. 

Empire-style apartment interior design


Mirrors, decorative vases and geometric frames, a colorful tapestry on the wall of the master bedroom are both support for the Empire style, and at the same time its softening.

Empire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior design
Empire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior design

Empire-style apartment interior design


The floor is a complex palace parquetry composition made using the marquetry technique with an abundance of plant curls and a variety of wood shades. It emphasizes the interior decoration and introduces a hint of splendor for all rooms without exception.

Mosaic patterns are especially well located directly in the active area of attendance, whether it be a living room, an area for intellectual rest, a waiting area or a workspace.


Natural materials and utility in every element.

Empire-style apartment interior design

CeilingsEmpire-style apartment interior designRailingsEmpire-style apartment interior design

Luxury and elegance of hygiene rooms

Natural beauty is distinguished by special magic and luxury, and nature has generously rewarded marble with a wealth of colors and outlandish patterns.

Richness of marble finishes, competent combination of colors, utility - all of these are components of the elegant, festive interior of these bathrooms.

Empire-style apartment interior design 

Empire-style apartment interior design

Empire-style apartment interior designEmpire-style apartment interior design


The ceilings in the interior are decorated with stucco, which reflects the sophistication and atmospherity of the ceiling part of the rooms. Also, it allows you to visually increase the height of the rooms. A significant role is assigned to the decor, such as figurines, paintings, panel pictures and decoration.

Intricate lines and precious species of wood are present in the design and furniture decoration of each room, thus emphasizing the aristocracy and deliberate solemnity.

Empire-style apartment interior design

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