Wooden products

Wooden panels in a living room interiorWooden panels in a living room interior
Wine room in a country houseWine room in a country house
Arcada Bank. The library interiorArcada Bank. The library interior
Timbered study with fireplaceTimbered study with fireplace
Modern bedroom with timbered interiorModern bedroom with timbered interior
Timbered study in an antiquarian salonTimbered study in an antiquarian salon
Living room palace interior Living room palace interior
Study in a country houseStudy in a country house
Bedroom 'Malvina'Bedroom 'Malvina'

Custom joinery

The Mirt factory produces high-quality furniture, stairs and doors from natural timber.

We also use veneers of various types of wood, which allows us to achieve interesting modern solutions for equipping objects of any purpose.

Custom wooden products

Production process specifics

The MIRT production uses only timber that has gone through several stages of strict radiological and sanitary control. Thanks to this, we are able to achieve excellent operational and aesthetic characteristics of joinery. Workshops of the factory are equipped with modern high-tech equipment of European manufacturers that allows us to achieve an impeccable quality of each product.

Custom wooden products – wine room

For painting doors, stairs, furniture and other joinery, we choose the best paint coatings of European manufacturers. We cooperate directly with a company that has centuries of experience in the chemical industry and offers the safest varnishes, paints and other types of coatings of the highest quality. We also cooperate with European manufacturers of hardware. Thanks to this, wood components by the MIRT factory demonstrate the best results in quality, operation and design.

Custom wooden products – Arcada bank library

It cannot but be mentioned design of furniture, doors and staircases. Our designers choose for products decoration the most interesting and beautiful techniques including manual painting, art carving, silvering, gilding, pyrography, marquetry, patination, etc. The exclusive joinery design by the MIRT allows to successfully fit into any modern or classic interior. Ordering joinery in the Mirt international company, you get a warranty on quality and durability of the goods purchased.

Custom joineryCustom wooden products

Project review

Lobby interior, MIRT office in Kiev
Neoclassical style bathroom
Light kitchen-diner interior
Leisure room interior with oriental motifs
Dressing room in a classic interior
Cozy classical bedroom interior
Luxurious light bedroom
Palace-style dressing room
Violet bedroom
Conference room
Hall design
Study in a country house
Dressing room interior with the Empire style elements
Living room interior of a villa
Billiard room design
French windows
Luxurious study design project
Neoclassical style bedroom design
Timber house interior
Kitchen in beige tones
Kitchen project for a seven-storey villa
Hotel room interior
Non-trivial luxury of a living room
Beautiful living room in palace style
Tea room, Fairmont Grand Hotel
Classic bedroom interior
English style bedroom design
Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house
English-style rooms, the Hilton hotel, Tashkent
Study interior design for a private residence
Luxurious study interior
Classical hall interior design
Folk-style dining room
Bedroom 'Malvina'
Dining room in neoclassical style
Bedroom design in classic style
Neoclassical-style dressing room
Uncluttered dressing room interior
Classic kitchen in a country house
Textiles in classic interior
Children’s bedroom design
Hotel Room in the Diplomat Hotel
Business-center ‘Vladimirsky’
Dining hall, reception building
Bedroom interior in the Hilton Hotel
Concert hall in the Riviera Business Centre
Bedroom in modern classic style
Study in oriental style
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