MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan

  • MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan
  • Wood, MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan

This is the MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan city. Here you see modern-style hallway tending to the American Art Deco. The architect was inspired by neoclassicism principles, bright outlines of which are embodied in the furniture of the New York Stock Exchange building.

Wooden facades of the wardrobes are decorated with milling. Their protruding flutings are covered with gold leaf. Pilasters also feature a milled pattern, a palm branch typical for the Art Deco style. The veneer inserts on the pilasters are tinted in a deep blue color, which makes it possible to imitate semi-precious lazurite. Wood fibers in the paint mass are very similar to stone veins, especially root of poplar or other hardwoods. The surface is lacquered and polished up to the gloss-royal state.

MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan

MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan

Porcelain stoneware on the floor imitates a stone, that is, marble and lazurite supporting pilasters. Panels on the walls are decorative murals with rhythmic linear milling. Stained glass on the ceiling transmits uniformly diffused light that adds to the room a feeling of weightlessness, lightness and solemnity.

MIRT showroom in Nur-SultanMIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan

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