Design project development

Integrated development of design projects

The Mirt international company is engaged in integrated project implementation starting from the stage of interior design project development up to the moment of presentation and delivery of keys to a customer on a finished object.

The main purpose of customers resorting to us is to get a ready-made, well implemented object in the shortest time possible, as well as detailed photographic visualization of the future interior at the stage of design project development.

Development of a bedroom 3D model

Specifics of the company

The Mirt international company has its own base for the development and implementation of objects of any complexity .

The company has:

  • architect bureau;
  • modern furniture production;
  • department of stone products projecting and designing;
  • department of textile products projecting and designing.

Due to the fact that the company has its own architect bureau and production, we can offer clients a completely unique approach to the design projects development. Effective combination of creative and production departments allows the company to develop projects and implement modern objects in the shortest time possible.

Project design development

Designing models of furniture and other products, designers and architects of the Mirt company rely on the knowledge and skills of design professionals in the production department. This means that every model created by the creative department is absolutely real. In their work, designers use those models of products that have been manufactured repeatedly.

The result of work of the development team is not just a picture of future interior visualization. A client receives virtually realistic photo of the interior design project, which is 99% identical to the actual finished result. The interior design project with high precision and detail depicts real models of furniture, stone products, textiles, various materials and more.


Project design development


Project design development

Benefits and options for cooperation

Due to the fact that our company has many fields of work, we are able to comprehensively implement design projects in accordance with all requirements and wishes of clients in the shortest time possible. We are ready to offer you two options for cooperation at once:

  1. The company offers a client interior design project development with full visualization that will be implemented on a real object with 99% accuracy;
  2. The client may offer his own visualization that we will implement. This format of cooperation will be a little longer because a designer of the company needs to analyze in detail the visualization to evaluate possibility of its realization. All other departments start to work just after that. If any elements of a client's project design are considered impossible to implement, we adjust them and submit to the client for approval.

 Living room interior project design

Specifics of design project development

Interior design project by the Mirt company includes full working documentation and accurate interior visualization.

The stages of project development include:

  • Meeting with the client and discussing details of the future project;
  • Determining the object type in the presence of the designer and the client;
  • The site visit for comprehensive analysis;
  • Measurements;
  • Preparation of a commercial offer;
  • Formation of a contract and payment;
  • Mood board preparation and approval;
  • Furniture planning;
  • 3D visualization development;
  • Preparation of working documentation;
  • Implementation of the object through own production;
  • Installation works by specialists of the company;
  • Full design supervision over the project implementation;
  • Commissioning of the finished object to the client.

Each of the stages of project work is being supervised by an assigned manager who communicates directly with a customer presenting him intermediate results at in-person meetings. We receive a signature from a client at the end of each stage and only then proceed to the next one.

Parlor interior project design 

  • Becoming a client of the company, you get not only a design project, but also everything you need to implement it at your object;
  • We use materials of our own production, such as textiles, stone, furniture and more, so we can dutifully guarantee their quality.;
  • Every client who cooperates with our company can rely on a professional integrated approach to the project design implementation;
  • The visualization we present to a client as a finished result of the work on the design of the object is in complete accord with what will be implemented in the end. Actually, a client receives a photo of the finished object;
  • The company manufactures stylish, high-quality furniture and uses it to furnish client's objects in accordance with developed project design. That way, the maximum identity and accuracy of its implementation is being achieved.

Project review

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