Living room interior design

Ethnic style living room interiorEthnic style living room interior
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Glass staircase in an interiorGlass staircase in an interior
Living room interior of a villaLiving room interior of a villa

Living room

Living room is a showpiece of your dwelling. That is why living room interior design plays such an important role. Your family gathers here daily and welcomes guests here. Living room design project development should be carefully planned and take into account specifics of the room, the latest fashion trends and personal wishes of residents.

Oftentimes, a living room layout is combined with other rooms, such as bedroom, kitchen, study etc. Such a living room design should be developed taking into account functional areas specifics and be designed in the same style. Using relevant design techniques, you will be able to create a comfortable, cozy, robust and stylish space for the whole family.

Living room interior design

Living room interior design, relevant trends

Now we can distinguish several key aspects that are noted by designers as the best and most suitable techniques for a living room design:

  1. A lot of light. Today, on-trend and stylish living room cannot do without a lot of natural daylight and air. For this purpose, large or panoramic windows and sunrooms are increasingly being chosen. This technique allows you to visually make the space larger, easier, even if the quadrature is limited. Moreover, it is better to give up on heavy massive curtains in favor of light and airy curtains;
  2. Plenty of room. Now it is improper to clutter a living room with abundance of unnecessary furniture and decor. To increase the space, replanning is often being performed combining a living room with other rooms. So the room not only becomes light. It acquires a lot of air and space necessary for a sense of freedom and relaxation. Massive unnecessary furniture should be discarded. You need just maximum of utility and practicality;
  3. Minimalism in furniture and decor. The more refined and minimalistic the furniture is, the better it fits into the modern interior. Do not choose outdated massive furniture decorated with monograms and gilding. The same holds for decor. Remove all dusty souvenirs, figurines and trinkets. Several bright, well matched focal points in the living room decor will look much more modern and spectacular;
  4. Environmental friendliness. One of the latest trends calls for a choice in favor of furniture, finishing and decor made from natural environmentally friendly materials that do not harm humans and the environment. Natural wood, textiles, stone - all of this fits perfectly into the modern minimalistic living room design;
  5. More light shades in an interior. Light finishing of walls and ceiling contributes to visual space increasing in a room. In addition, proper decor will look incredibly impressive and advantageous against such a light background. It may become a real jewel of your living room.

Ethnic style living room design 

Popular living room design styles

Classic style

The elegance of living room design made in classic style is achieved through exquisite forms and absence of pompous elements in an interior. Compliance with strict limits in the classics is a prerequisite.

Key points of living room design in classic style:

  • the presence of wood is a prerequisite since the emphasis is particularly on wood inserts, such as furniture, flooring or decor elements;
  • a fireplace in the classics is taken for granted;
  • colors are white, beige, pink, cream, blue, light green, pistachio and pale shades of yellow and gray;
  • decorative parquetry is used as a flooring;
  • if the floor space allows, then you can decorate the room with columns and the walls and ceiling with stucco moulding.


Neoclassicism is characterized by glossy expensive floor, decorated ceiling and bas-reliefs demonstrating the chic of design. Such an interior is possible to implement only with a large floor space, since in order to achieve the proper effect, a lobby must be located before the entrance into the living room. Despite close proximity of the lobby to the living room, partitions are unacceptable in neoclassicism. Zoning is being carried out by columns.

French Provence

French Provence differs from previous options by its simplicity. The specifics are the following:

  • romantic notes in an interior and floral motifs in textiles;
  • light furniture;
  • window drapery is a patchwork, curtain lace, linen blinds, light curtains;
  • natural materials;
  • porcelain and painted kitchenware, ceramic flowerpots and vases;
  • rough wall surface.

Country style

The country-style living room recreates a rustic atmosphere. A fireplace is an indispensable attribute for the country. Typically, stoves and fireplaces are faced with brickwork. The ceilings are framed by wooden beams, but if the ceiling height does not allow to do this, then it is enough to coat it with white paint. Color schemes should be as saturated as possible and you should not overdo with decoration elements.

General design guidelines

Such styles as the loft, modern, high-tech, retro and rustic are no less popular for a living room design. Before choosing a particular design direction, you should consider your own preferences and housing opportunities. In case of difficulties, it is recommended to contact specialists. It will allow not only to combine cladding and decoration elements competently, but also to invest money wisely without unnecessary expenses.

To improve a living room you need to adhere to several basic requirements, namely comfort, utility and style. As to fashion trends and color combinations, the choice depends on designer’s decision in an interior. Modern design trends do not have clear boundaries, which allows you to combine some styles and provides more opportunities for imagination.

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