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  • Ukraine, Kyiv Vasil Tiutiunnyk str., 49 +38 (095) 235-91-11
  • Ukraine, Odesa Bazarna str., 5/5, office 501 BC +38 (050) 487-61-11
  • Production facility, Novograd-Volynsky Lesi Ukrainky str., 1A +38 (04141) 2-50-40
  • Astana, Kazakhstan Rakymzhan Koshkarbayev ave., 10, office 23 +7 708 425 56 94
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan Dostyk ave., 210, office 1 +7 (708) 425-56-90+7 (708) 425-56-93
  • Baku, Azerbaijan Keykab Safaralieva str., 12, Nizami corner +994 (50) 871-22-01
  • Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Intersection of Urubah and Prince Turki roads +966 (54) 720-10-29 +38 (050) 446-39-61
  • Great Britain, London Meridian Business Park, Block 4/5, Fleming Road, Waltham Abbey +44 (7515) 77-25-62
  • Canada, Toronto Northern Heights Drive, 29 +1 (647) 863-19-73
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    Office in Kyiv

    We will welcome each visitor at the main office of the MIRT company in Kyiv, give a tour and a cup of sweet scented coffee and show the interiors and decor masterfully developed by our team. There really is something to be impressed with!

    Company offices are pure art. They proof that there are no unattainable goals for us. Here you will find our product assortment, array of features and techniques.

    We gladly turn into reality any architectural dreams of a client.

    Mirt office in Kyiv

    Meeting room in classic style is made entirely of noble oak. Furniture luxuriously decorated with carvings, carved curtain rails, wooden wainscots, marble floor — all this is the ability of the hands of our gifted craftsmen.

    Mirt office in Kyiv


    Office in Baku, Azerbaijan

    Our customers inspire to create beauty and elegance. You cannot describe splendor with words — you need to see this!

    The Mirt company team in Baku is pleased to receive guests in the showroom where everyone is comfortable, getting acquainted with the results of our work over a cup of coffee.


    Mirt office in Baku

    Having at the disposal a variety of materials and different techniques, we create elaborate classical interiors. Therefore, do not limit your imagination. Every task is an exciting challenge for us, with an eye on success.

    Mirt office in Baku

    Classic interior of the reception room for the showroom in Baku is made of timber. This is wall paneling, a multi-level complex ceiling, doors and windows, as well as parquet flooring. The light tone of the panel coating for walls and ceiling structures is a result of multi-operation wood finishing consisting of several stages of adjustments and multi-layer coatings.

    Mirt showroom in Baku

    Project review

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    Bedroom design in classic style
    Bedroom in classic style
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    Royal bed in modern environment
    Classical study interior
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    Bedroom - Fairmont Grand Hotel
    Private residence living room interior
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    Front staircase made of marble
    Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house
    Lounge interior in the Hilton Hotel
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    Design project of a luxury bathroom
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    French windows
    Ethnic style living room interior
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    Bedroom interior in the Hilton Hotel
    Concert hall in the Riviera Business Centre
    Luxurious study interior
    Classic style kitchen-diner
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