One-on-one meeting room interior design

  • One-on-one meeting room interior design
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This one-on-one meeting room is made in the French classicism style. Its palace-style decoration with a central fireplace composition emphasizes the special significance of this room.

The walls are decorated with gray-blue wood panels with decorative elements. Pilasters and columns with carved capitals of a complex Corinthian order are emphasized by gilded paintwork. A special accent is the luxurious ash root veneer paneling alternating with textile panels harmoniously matched to the tone of the wood panels.

Meeting room interior design

Meeting room interior design 

The ceiling looks equally elegantly with abundance of stucco decoration characteristic of this style. Its composition is crowned with a crystal chandelier. It complements the walls in a soft and elegant way. Also, pay attention to the flooring. Without a doubt, this is a palace parquetry filling the floor space in a carpet style. It is made of various types of wood, enriched with a complex pattern of the central rosette, wide frieze and delicate filling of repeating elements. Such parquetry is rightfully the final chord of the palace-style interior of the room. The warm green tone of textile decoration of upholstered furniture and windows softens the pomposity of this room.

Meeting room interior design

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