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Luxurious study interiorLuxurious study interior
Timbered study with fireplaceTimbered study with fireplace
Timbered study in an antiquarian salonTimbered study in an antiquarian salon
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Timbered studyTimbered study
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Designing a working area interior, we are guided by an important rule — the atmosphere of the room must create a special mood contributing to productive work. That is why the interior design of a room is so important for effective use of time.

Creating a home study interior, we must take into account the fact that the area of the room is limited sometimes. But even under such conditions we create an amazing and unique study interior design for the client. It is a cozy hideaway for privacy to stay alone with your thoughts and ideas.

Study interior design

Study interior design

Choosing a room style, you should look at the most common ones.


The classic style has restrained notes implying arrangement of a chair, bookcase, desktop and sofa of sufficient massiveness and spaciousness. This style uses natural materials, leather, velvet, heavy fabrics emphasizing prestige value of the room.


Minimalistic style implies the use of only necessary items with minimal space usage.

High Tech

High Tech is an ultra-modern design that does not tolerate abundance of accessories, as well as other useless items. Glass and metal objects are being used here.

Study interior design

Study interior design

It is very important to choose right stylistic solution to plan the study design to the smallest detail so that the owner of the house or office would not like to leave his workplace. 

Study design

Creating study design in an apartment, we face the same problem as when creating a design for other rooms. Is is a limited area. This is where the professionalism and experience of the designer is manifested. Ceiling height in apartments is less than in private residences and offices, and this is also a certain restriction for the implementation of design capabilities.

It is difficult to say which design is more difficult to implement – a study in an apartment or in a large mansion. It is difficult to overload the interior of the study in an apartment with unnecessary elements, but, also, it is easier to create something original and comfortable in a spacious room of a private residence.

To be sure, development of a study design is complex and not typical task and only a professional designer is able to cope with it.

However, we are confident that creation of a good study interior design can be achieved by the experienced and professional team of the MIRT design agency.

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