Classic kitchen in a country house

  • Classic kitchen in a country house
  • Wood, Classic kitchen in a country house

Classic kitchen


Each interior has a soul. It manifests itself in the most subtle nuances such as accessories, colors and materials you choose.

This kitchen design combines the best features of classic style, which can be traced in the smallest details - window lambrequins, gilded furniture forms and marble floor pattern.

Kitchen furniture and French doors made of maple, decorated with hand-carving, patina and gilding, are made in neutral tones. The dining furniture group, tabletop and marble frieze present a contrast to this background.

The interior is filled with light thanks to the panoramic window. The accent is a delicate crystal chandelier.

Classic kitchen

Classic kitchen

We see in front of us a classic kitchen by MIRT, a vivid example of a portrait of the house owners - noble, bright, unique.

Classic kitchen

Classic kitchen

Classic kitchen style options

True classicism has an antique origin, the basis of which is the architecture of ancient Rome. Other directions include:

  • Baroque – the roots lead back to Rome again. The goal of Baroque for a classic kitchen is to convince others of financial solvency of the owner as much as possible. Because of this, the most expensive attributes are required – columns, embossed decor, decoration with gold insets and marble;
  • Rococo, if to take into consideration pretentiousness and colors, looks a little wanly against the Baroque background but the luxury is created by means of complicated look. Stucco work, paintings, carving, porcelain figurines are inherent specifically for the Rococo;
  • Empire is a French discovery. The classic kitchen design in this style is characterized by strict symmetry. Empire is the direct opposite of minimalism;
  • Modern classics represents accurate geometry and is characterized by restraint in details. By the way, modern options are divided into American and Italian classics. In the American style, it is appropriate to replace natural materials with high-quality plastic, chipboard or MDF, which is impossible in Italian variations.

A flavor of the kitchen design

Classic kitchen design is characterized by calm natural tones, but not necessarily just beige. Fashionable colors for kitchen furniture and coatings are cappuccino, white, brown, gray (dark and light), pistachio green, pink and blue. A dark classics looks luxurious at large spaces. You can often found claret red and even black classic kitchen sets.

General rules for choosing furniture

Kitchen islands with glass inserts are very popular. When choosing chairs, couches or stool, special attention should be paid to the quality of the upholstery. For classics, every element is important including textiles.

In addition to the furniture, it is necessary to choose the right plumbing fixtures, floor and wall coverings. Brand stores provide detailed guidance as to ordering quality products and their installation.

Classic kitchen

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