Bedroom 'Malvina'

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Bedroom set "Malvina"

We see in front of us the bedroom in azure tones, which happily combines classic style and traditions, but something in this union certainly outweighs. In this case, neat lines of classic elegance come to the fore.

Orderliness of design, symmetry, soft rhythm in decorating the bedroom interior in azure tones affect a person soothingly. We are on the little island of stability surrounded by the exquisite harmony of white and azure.

Bedroom Malvina in azure tones

Main element of the interior is the bedroom set «Malvina» made of solid maple, painted in ivory, decorated with hand-painting, carved elements, patinating, silvering and gilding. The bedroom turned out to be airy, light, inviting to relaxation, calmness and inexhaustible optimism.

Bed for the bedroom

Room at the Diplomat hotel 

Room at the Diplomat hotel

Room at the Diplomat hotel

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