Meeting room interior design, the MIRT office

  • Meeting room interior design, the MIRT office
  • Design, Meeting room interior design, the MIRT office
  • Design, Meeting room interior design, the MIRT office

This room is both an exhibition area, a reception room for partners and guests, and a negotiation platform.

It demonstrates a modern Art Deco style interior using classical architectural elements. Taking into consideration small exhibition area, technique of visual dissolution of furniture elements was applied. It uses a neutral beige tone, which is the main one both for the coffered ceiling and textile wall panels. Other elements, such as facades, panels bracing, pilaster trunks, are made of walnut with gilding and milling. This creates contrasts, and the dark walnut tone emphasizes splendor of the wood.

Meeting room interior design

Meeting room interior designMeeting room interior design

Main decorative elements of the meeting room are gilded cornices, carved details, diagonal milled flutings on the facades, mirror panel with facets, textile panels, coffered ceiling, crystal chandelier and large HS-portal that allows you to see the entire exposition from the next office through the glass. Also, it allows to cover the opening with a velvet curtain to create a chamberlike setting inside the room.

Meeting room interior designMeeting room interior design

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