Timbered study in an antiquarian salon

  • Timbered study in an antiquarian salon
  • Wood, Timbered study in an antiquarian salon

Luxury of the past

Trends in the appearance of a room with antiques have been preserved for many decades and are relevant today, too.

The antiquarian salon keeps the spirit of exquisite classics, accentuated monumentality and richness of wood. The wainscots and furniture are made of cherries with the addition of golden arbutus root. We have made them according to the drawings, sizes and parameters approved by the customer.

Carved corbel, wood carving

Timbered study in an antiquarian salon

Accented elements in the timbered study are rich furniture carvings, elegant chandeliers, rarities and art objects.

Timbered studyTimbered study

 Timbered study in an antiquarian salon

 Timbered study designTimbered study in an antiquarian salon

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