MIRT showroom in Baku

  • MIRT showroom in Baku
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MIRT showroom

Classic living room interior for the showroom is timbered including wainscots, multi-level complex ceiling, doors and windows, as well as parquetry. Light tone and panel coverings for walls and ceiling structures are the result of multi-operational wood fashioning consisting of several stages of fitting and multi-layer coating.

Traditionally, a classic-style interior in white shades reflects the simplicity, good taste and independence of its owner. It usually has a lot of light and a feeling of lightness. But the warm walnut-honey tone of the parquetry creates a reliable basis for perception of the lightness of such an interior.

Timbered study

Classic interior

The abundance of decorative carved elements with gilding creates festive charm and decoration that works in support of freestanding furniture of classical shapes and lines. The same shade of white facilitates easiness of perception. Azure chairs upholstery with gilded thread separates the dining area from the general color scheme and emphasizes royal status.

Wooden kitchen in white tones

Palace interior

Dressing room

Also, check the timbered study at our Kyiv office

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