Modern bedroom with timbered interior

  • Modern bedroom with timbered interior
  • Wood, Modern bedroom with timbered interior

Harmonious playing with textures

The modern bedroom is made of expensive species of wood and complemented by soft textile panels. Delicate shades of gray and brown mix perfectly with a natural shade of light wood.

The fairly light interior is shaded by contrasting dark parquetry. Interesting in the interior is a harmonious combination of different surfaces, such as natural wood texture, glossy facades and textile panels.

Modern bedroom

We see in front of us a successful mix of tastefulness, an impeccable sense of style and an artful playing with textures.

bedroom with timbered interior

bedroom with timbered interior

Modern bedroom with timbered interior

Modern bedroom interior

Modern bedroom design

Rugged furniture in dark brown, wheaten or sand hues clearly emphasizes the sleeping area. Forged products are often used to achieve logical completeness. A modern country-style bedroom suggests the presence of massive furniture. Bright colors are being combined with clay or bronze items. In the Scandinavian style, whitened wood is used, which looks perfect in a group of other natural materials in light shades: flax, cotton, stone, ceramics, fur.

The loft is characterized by completely unexpected decisions, for example, a Gothic chandelier, an old wooden table and an ultramodern bed. The loft likes a mix of different materials: wooden floor and ceiling, brickwork on the wall and black stained-glass windows made of metal forms. Thanks to this mixing, clear zoning occurs.

Using wooden ware in the design

The tree itself is a beautiful material, so its texture in modern bedroom design is rarely hidden under colored paints. It is enough to varnish planks. A pastel palette and aged furniture in the Provence style make a bedroom more comfortable. In order to express rustic motifs in the room more strongly, the Chalet style is being used. Natural materials with a rough finish are being used for cladding. The ideal combination for the Chalet is wood and stone.

Design specifics

For a competent layout, it is not enough to come up with the style. Every detail is of utmost importance. You should approach with special seriousness to the choice of furniture and finishing coatings selecting products exclusively from the best world manufacturers.


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