Study interior design for a private residence

  • Study interior design for a private residence
  • Design, Study interior design for a private residence

We are looking at a classic study designed for comfortable work. It is situated at the heart of a private residence. This allows to switch over to work quickly without leaving the residence.

classic study for a private residence

classic study for a private residence

The architects were faced with the task to reach good functionality, rather than abundance of elements. This is reflected in built-in convenient book-cases and filing cabinets, comfortable area for visitors, and workplace. Interior accent material is wood, namely tinted walnut. We also took care of illumination. There is a lot of sunlight in the room during daylight hours, and the ceiling chandelier and local light fixtures create required amount of light in the evening. It used to think that lofty and noble ideas «pull up» for their implementation. That is why many oriental temples rise much higher «than our heads» with their galleries and vaults. We believe, there is a practical explanation to this. Indeed, working in a spacious, high and light study is especially comfortable and easy.

Furniture for a study

Ceiling construction is coffered, with built-in spot lights. Mirrored partition reflects the opposite wall windows depriving the study of its compactness. Such a space is being chosen by people who are open, with a broad soul, focused and do not tolerate restrictions. The decor is in the form of paintings on the walls and sculptural elements.

Coffered ceiling for a study

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