Luxurious house in the UAE

  • Luxurious house in the UAE
  • Design, Luxurious house in the UAE
  • Design, Luxurious house in the UAE

The owner of a large construction company has contacted our company to create a cozy and luxurious house of 900 sq. m. for his family. As advocates of conservative design, the customers wanted to decorate the space in European classics style, but yet, also, we have found a place for functional and stylistic solutions conventional for that region.

 Luxurious house in the UAELuxurious house in the UAE


When developing the design of the premises, designers tried to take into account cultural and climatic characteristics of Saudi Arabia as much as possible. Thus, due to the local rather hot climate, it was necessary to minimize the use of natural wood.

Luxurious house in the UAELuxurious house in the UAE

Luxurious house in the UAELuxurious house in the UAE

Ground floor

Adhering to Muslim traditions, the ground floor of the house is reserved for various rooms to receive guests. They are especially luxurious and sophisticated, and in turn are divided into male and female parts. Also, there are rooms for family activities on the ground floor.

 functional cooking area with breakfast bar

Marble staircase

The staircase has nobly complemented the house interior. Here, we see a staircase made of Italian marble. It is a real source of pride for the house owners.


We see an uncluttered design of a classic-style study. Boiserie, built-in and freestanding furniture are made of natural wood additionally decorated with inlay and light gold leaf.


Negotiation area in a home study


Second floor

Second floor is occupied by master bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and dressing rooms.


Bedroom design



This house interior is made using light gray-beige tones with bright bold emphasis in the form of various textiles with national ornaments creating a solemn atmosphere. There are an abundance of marble of various types on the floor and plaster cornices and mouldings with textile inserts on the walls. All these things together with carved furniture with patina are integral components of a sophisticated classical interior. The project was fully implemented according to our drawings and visualizations..

Living room

Project review

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