Luxurious interior design of a leisure hall

  • Luxurious interior design of a leisure hall
  • Design, Luxurious interior design of a leisure hall

This leisure room made in Arabian style is a single space with a large number of soft zones, where you can freely sit on a variety of necessarily comfortable upholstered furniture.

The sophisticated interior saturated with wealth and generosity, complemented by the warm tones of ocher, gold and expressive shades of evening sky, brings effect of serenity and disposes to calm communication. Deep tone of wood panels with veneered filling, combined with delicate lace of stucco ornaments and paintings on the walls and ceiling, is the central meaning-forming element of the design.

interior design of a leisure hall

interior design of a leisure hall 

To emphasize hospitality, we have filled the perimeter with traditional elements of Arabic decoration in the form of low tables decorated with wood carvings with unique oriental ornaments and gilding, as well as small but comfortable armchairs and sofas along the walls complemented by soft pillows. Bright, but not colorful carpet in the colors of textiles, as if hinting at invitation to relax in unusual atmosphere of oriental bliss. Special lighting of the room is created by abundance of lamps and central pendant chandelier made in the appropriate style.

interior design of a leisure hall


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