Fabrication of textile products for an interior

Textiles for an interior from the Mirt factory

Presence of our own sewing production allows us to quickly make large volumes of textile products for interior decoration, while maintaining high quality of production.

Textiles for an interior, sketch

Fabrication of textile products for an interior

Fabrication of textile products for an interior is being carried out with high-tech German equipment that allows to achieve perfect quality, as well as to implement even the most complex design ideas.

There is a cutter who works in the workshop. He performs textile cutting according to the sketch and technical specifications. Also, there is a technologist with professional wealth of knowledge and huge experience who controls the sewing quality at all production stages.

Fabrication of textile for an interior, curtains

Fabrication of textile products for an interior

    Our advantages

    • We cooperate with leading European manufacturers who have a full production cycle of fabrics and accessories for curtains and upholstery, as well as interior decoration
    • Our assortment involves more than twenty suppliers from Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain
    • The fabrics we use are environmentally certified
    • We are very demanding on our work and quality of textiles used
    • We provide author’s support for the order, namely control of the delivery time of fabrics and manufacturing of products where a fabric is used, as well as fabrication of textile products and curtains hanging
    • Order fulfillment is always characterized by impeccable execution quality

    Fabrication of textile products for an interior 

    Project stages

    To turn ideas of customers into reality, we carefully think out a work plan for the implementation of projects. All the work with textile design consists of the following steps:

    • Designer's visit to the object
    • Measurements and selection of fabrics
    • Preliminary design development based on the wishes and requirements of the customer
    • Shipment of fabrics from Europe
    • Fabrication of textile products according to the wishes and requirements of the customer
    • Professional installation of curtain rails
    • Curtains hanging and ironing
    • Decorating and complex interior compositing with textiles.

    Interior textile sketchSketches of textiles in an interior

    Interior textile sketch

    Fabrication of textile products for an interior

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