Tea room, Fairmont Grand Hotel

  • Tea room, Fairmont Grand Hotel
  • Textile, Tea room, Fairmont Grand Hotel
  • Textile, Tea room, Fairmont Grand Hotel

Cozy classic of the Fairmont Grand Hotel

The tea ceremony always requires the appropriate environment and designers of our company was able to recreate it. We have created a tea room at the Fairmont Grand Hotel.

Austere and discreet interior of the Fairmont Grand Hotel is richly decorated with delicate textiles. Furniture, doors and panels are made of hardwood. A decent decoration of the tea room space is caisson ceiling.

Wooden door at the Fairmont Grand Hotel


Natural materials help you to feel yourself a part of the universe and to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts because the tea ceremony is a whole philosophy.

 Tea room at the Fairmont Grand Hotel

Tea room at the Fairmont Grand Hotel

Tea room at the Fairmont Grand Hotel


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