Meeting room in Art Deco style, the Mirt office, Tashkent

  • Meeting room in Art Deco style, the Mirt office, Tashkent
  • Design, Meeting room in Art Deco style, the Mirt office, Tashkent

This is the Avant-garde in details. When designing the furniture, the architect was inspired by the Avant-garde manifestations in art, namely, by a notable composition of women's jewelry of 1930 year.

The necklace was stylized by craftsmen on furniture fronts of the study cabinet using marquetry technique. Forms and expressive means of the Avant-garde art period do not lose their relevance even today. Designers and architects consider them compositionally correct, very decorative and relevant to contemporary aesthetics.

Meeting room

Meeting room interiorMeeting room interior

The pattern has been scaled to large proportions and made from veneer in contrasting tones. The species are Bird's Eye maple, poplar, macassar, rosewood, walnut and cherry. The beige colors array dissolves the walls locally and pacifies the look. The walls panels are beige. They are complemented with textiles with chrome metal inserts, black-out curtains and chair upholstery.

Freestanding furniture includes conference table, chest of drawers and wardrobe, as well as chairs. These are units combined in a single office suite.

Meeting room interiorMeeting room interior

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