Renovated interior, MIRT office, Kiev

  • Renovated interior, MIRT office, Kiev
  • Design, Renovated interior, MIRT office, Kiev

We are looking at an Art Deco office. The interior was based on such materials as decorative wall finishing with oak-veneered panels. A bright emphasis is the framing of the walls with cornices and mouldings. The furniture is made of Santos rosewood, which texture has vertical stripes contrasting in tone and different in width due to the fibers structure. There is modular, matt-lacquered parquetry made of light oak on the floor. Nonuniformity and decorativeness of such a texture enhances techniques of the Art Deco style.

In addition, the method of glossy verticals is used, namely, metal inserts and decorative strips with chrome plating. The panel is made of painted MDF under glossy varnish with a machine-cut silhouette of a city.

interior, MIRT office, Kiev

interior, MIRT office, Kiev 

The lighting consists of glass wall-lamps complementing the ceiling chandelier, spotlights, indirect ceiling lights and panel LED-lighting. Their purpose is to create a fill of weightlessness and impeccable refinement.

interior, MIRT office, Kiev

interior, MIRT office, Kievinterior, MIRT office, Kiev

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