Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel

  • Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel
  • Windows, Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel

Luxury hotel

We see in front of us the monumental InterContinental Hotel at Baku. Neat rows and strict geometry of the windows, together with the vertical lines of the facades, form the monumentality of this building.

Special attention is given to the front entrance, which is designed as a large-scale glass structure. Extensive, up to the height of the entire building, glass structure completed with an ornamented balustrade rises above the hotel entrance.

Wooden window in section

And the left and right wings are crowned by large-sized arched structures.

Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel

Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel

The MIRT windows at this facility are made of natural solid oak.

Indoors, the windows are painted white to comply with the light interior of the hotel rooms and aluminum protection with imitation of a tree texture is used from the street side.

Wooden windows for the InterContinental Hotel

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