Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house

  • Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house
  • Windows, Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house

Windows in a country house

This modern country house built in neoclassical style. The exterior impresses with its aesthetics and utility. It is made taking into account all technical features and specifics of communications.

We see beautiful entrance group against the backdrop of walls faced in handmade bricks. It is decorated with Ionic columns, a balustrade and a group of inviting steps. The windows of the house are not only a decent decoration of the exterior, but are extremely functional being equipped with safe glass units with the sun protection function.

Wooden window profile

Outer glasses are triplex and internal ones are tempered. They protect the house from unwanted intrusion, and the sun-protection functions of the glass units preserve furniture and carpets from fading. The MIRT company has manufactured the entrance doors and windows and is the architect of this object.

Wooden MIRT windows in a country house

Wooden MIRT windows in a country house

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