Living room design, Riviera Villas

  • Living room design, Riviera Villas
  • Design, Living room design, Riviera Villas
  • Design, Living room design, Riviera Villas

Elegant restraint


Creating design of the living room in the Riviera Villas club village, the designers chose the on-trend style of interior design - a modern classic in which traditional elements smoothly complement modern solutions.

The color palette is based on the use of silver, light shades of gray and blue. Designers used natural materials with beautiful texture in the interior of the living room: natural maple wood, marble for the fireplace, natural modular parquetry, noble metal.

Living room design, Riviera Villas

Bright interior of the living room

Living room interior design

Our task was to combine the wishes of customers, the initial data of the space and neoclassical style techniques for this living room, to put everything together and create a completed ensemble. The result was a calm environment without pronounced conservatism and eccentricity.

Living room design, Riviera VillasLiving room design, Riviera VillasLiving room design in light tonesLiving room interior design

Interior zoning

Designers divided the interior of the living room into two assumed zones - recreational and dining.

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