Bathroom design

Neoclassical style bathroomNeoclassical style bathroom
Bathroom in beige tonesBathroom in beige tones
Bathroom design projectBathroom design project
Bathroom — Fairmont Grand HotelBathroom — Fairmont Grand Hotel
Uncluttered bathroom interiorUncluttered bathroom interior
Design project of a luxury bathroomDesign project of a luxury bathroom
Exquisite bathroom interiorExquisite bathroom interior
Sanitary room interior in classic styleSanitary room interior in classic style
Design project of a bathroom in classic styleDesign project of a bathroom in classic style

Modern bathroom design

Bathroom is one of the smallest but, at the same time, the most requested and important location in any dwelling. Small floor area of a bathroom often makes it impossible to create an interesting modern design. However, proper approach will help to create beautiful, on-trend bathroom design with harmonious mix of all elements even in a small room.

     bathroom design project

    Bathroom design, relevant trends

    Designers distinguish the following modern trends in bathroom interior design:

    • Skillful layout. Bathroom is the place where every meter should be utilized. It is necessary to think over the layout to the last detail, as well as choose plumbing fixtures and furniture that will not take up much space but, at the same time, will not lose their utility;
    • Visual expansion of space. Even if your bathroom is very compact, it can be visually enlarged using effective methods. They include the use in bathroom design of transparent elements made of glass or plastic, mirrors, preference of light shades in finishing etc.;
    • Beautiful plumbing fixtures. Today, you can find on the market stylish, non-standard plumbing fixtures and equipment that can add zest to the bathroom design;
    • Illumination. Multilevel lighting in the bathroom design is now at the peak of popularity. Such illumination allows not only to make space more interesting, but also to visually increase it;
    • Pragmatic decor. Any decorative elements should, in addition to beauty, serve practical purposes. Refuse souvenirs and unnecessary trinkets. The main goal is maximal utility.

    Bathroom design

    Finishing of walls in a bathroom

    The assortment of finishing materials now offers a large number of modern solutions for bathroom decoration. Among the most requested, we can distinguish the following:

    • Ceramic tile. Requested, popular solution thanks to the abundance of shapes, colors and textures. Such a tile is moisture-proof and not sensitive to temperature changes and minor damage. While meeting the laying technology, the tile will serve for at least 30 years;
    • Natural stone. An expensive but incredibly durable, wear-resistant and very beautiful option for bathroom finishing. Such material incredibly luxuriously complements design of a bathroom, is resistant to moisture, chemicals and any damage;
    • Glass. Perfect for bathroom design in the Art Nouveau, high-tech and similar modern tides. Single-color glass with mat or glossy surface, glass with photo printing or traditional transparent one – any of these options will successfully complement and decorate futuristic design of a bathroom;
    • Decorative plaster. This material boasts not only excellent appearance, but also good exploitability. Using plaster, you can achieve different texture of the walls that will look very impressive in the overall design of the bathroom.

    Bathroom design

    Bathroom design

    Bathroom design

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