Palace interiors

Lounge interior in the Hilton HotelLounge interior in the Hilton Hotel
Luxurious light bedroomLuxurious light bedroom
Ornate classic kitchenOrnate classic kitchen
Luxurious study interiorLuxurious study interior
Front hall of a luxury residenceFront hall of a luxury residence
Living room interior of a villaLiving room interior of a villa
Palace-style living room interiorPalace-style living room interior
Living room palace interior Living room palace interior
Palace-style living roomPalace-style living room

Palace style dominated for several centuries. Because of this, its principles are considered classical in many respects, and therefore are widely used in main classical styles.

Changes of the era of high technology and exuberance also have affected style trends, including the palace style. Now, there are conventions in a style definition, since many design decisions have appeared, including ones related to decoration, combination of complex techniques and materials.

This is a challenge for specialists from different fields of architecture and design - to create exemplary documentation of the Retrograde Era based on all kinds of modern materials, design techniques, technologies and construction in general, not falling into traps of these innovations at blurred style boundaries.

For 20 years, the MIRT company has been observing classical traditions and innovations of fashion trends. This applies to both the Palace style and other styles.

In addition, architectural agency specialists of the MIRT company have a keen understanding of nature of the human ‘self’ in each individual interior, which allows them to guess, direct, and intellectually predetermine processes of behavior in the interior, to model its character responsibly and sensitively. All that is left to a client is to feel this embodied idea from the moment when all the work is completed and the interior has begun to live the life of its owner.

Palace style is an exquisite trend in its historical kind. It serves for people with pronounced individualism, with family values, isolated and wealthy lifestyle in general. We really appreciate aristocratism of our clients and understand that its present is a testimony to a voice of blood. Therefore, creating majestic interiors, it is fundamentally important for us to be better, more precise in expression of each individual detail in relation to its future owner and to improve our skills without waiting for the moment when a controversial nuance arises.

Project review

Modern bedroom with timbered interior
Wooden windows by the MIRT in a country house
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MIRT showroom in Baku
Bedroom 'Malvina'
Meeting room interior
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MIRT showroom in Nur-Sultan
Luxurious furniture in the interior of a living room
Rustic-style house interior, complex project
Royal bedroom interior
Dressing room in a classic interior
Dressing room interior design
Wooden windows for the Molokan Palace business-center
Meeting room interior in modern classics style
Private residence living room interior
Wooden panels in a living room interior
Meeting room in Art Deco style, the Mirt office, Tashkent
Luxurious classic kitchen interior
Dining room interior in a country house
Meeting room interior design in oriental style
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Interior design of the living-dining room in the Hilton Hotel
Chalet style living room interior design
Dressing-room interior
Expressive bedroom interior design
Violet bedroom
Luxurious study design project
Hall interior design
Dining room in neoclassical style
Arcada Bank. The library interior
Wooden windows for the Royal Residence housing complex
English style bedroom design
Living room interior in country style
Sanitary room interior in classic style
Classical study
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