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Practical kitchen Long Island

"Long Island" kitchen is a true embodiment of warmth and comfort in the interior of your home. Made of natural alder, it brings natural beauty and unique character to your kitchen.

What makes this kitchen special is the excellent combination of wooden facades and moisture-resistant MDF. Moisture-resistant MDF is made of high-quality materials and coated with a RAL coating with a 25% gloss effect, which makes it resistant to moisture and wear. The alder wood facades, whose warm color adds coziness and atmosphere to your culinary project, are also covered with moisture-resistant MDF, but they are made with a 25% gloss effect, giving them a refined look and a highlight in the design.

Kitchen made of wood with wooden frames on the facades

Kitchen chests of drawers, display cases, tables made of wood with wooden frames

The Long Island kitchen meets high standards of durability and style, which makes it an ideal choice for any modern interior. It combines the natural aesthetics of wood with modern technologies and practicality of use. Every day in this kitchen will be special, and its design will remain in your memory for a long time

Kitchen with wood with wooden frames

Kitchen chest of drawers with wooden frames on the fronts

Display cabinet for the kitchen with glass fronts and wooden frames on the fronts

Kitchen dining table made of wood with wooden frames

Kitchen island with wooden frames on the fronts


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