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Textile design in an interior is the art of creating exquisite and unique style at home or office. It allows each interior detail to be harmoniously combined with other elements creating an uniformed style emphasizing the individuality of the owner of the room.

Textile design in an interior

Decorative pillows for a bedroom

What you need to know about textiles in an interior

In interior design, it is customary to call ‘textiles’ products that are woven or created from fabric. These can be curtains, decorative pillows, bedspreads, rugs, etc. The role of textiles in creating certain atmosphere in a room is huge. Imagine yourself in a bedroom dominated by velvet and silk, and then in a room decorated mainly with cotton and bamboo. The feelings are completely different. Creating interior, you need to consider the type of mood that should prevail in every corner of the room or office, adhere to it and choose appropriate fabrics.

Textile design not only decorates a room. Its capabilities are much wider. Textile carries a significant functional load in an interior. It helps to hide imperfections of a room visually increasing its height or expanding its space.

How to use textiles in design

Proper use of textiles in room design is a special science. Textile decor is not the last aspect of a design called to place emphases. Textiles can serve as source of inspiration for creating a special room space and provide a color palette to build it on.

  • As to a bedroom, fabric use to decorate headboards of beds, as well as walls and chairs. In a children's room, textiles help create a bright mood with the help of curtains, rugs and bedspreads.
  • Textiles in a kitchen are curtains and blinds on windows and cabinets, kitchen towels and tablecloths.
  • Textiles in a living room are being used for walls decoration, curtains, furniture upholstery, rugs and pillows.

Textile design in a bedroom decoration

 In textile design, it is important to adhere to selected color palette of fabrics. It is also important to consider that decor items also add interest to a space, and you should not be afraid to use them tastefully. Also, you can attract visual interest to an interior using fabrics of different textures. Mixing and matching various textures throughout a room creates a sense of contrast.

The role of professionals in textile design

Instead of creating interior design yourself, provide the opportunity to work for experts and order a full range of textile design services. It allows you not to waste time searching for necessary curtains, covers, and pillows considering the size of windows, furniture and tables. The range of textile design services provides the opportunity to create a luxurious interior look with the help of professionals of all levels starting from an artist and cutter up to a fabric specialist and interior designer.

The main advantages of textile design in an interior by professionals are that, thanks to their work, ideal compatibility of parts is ensured, the greatest saving of time and efforts for finding necessary products is achieved and the most harmonious mix of textiles with the style of the room is obtained.

Curtains with tieback

Curtains in an interior

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