Curtains design

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Curtains in an interior design

Curtains in the room perform one of the key roles, namely creating coziness, protection from the sun and dust, as well as design solution making the room comfortable. That is why it should be understood that the choice of this element of the interior is especially important and must fully fit the style.

How to choose curtains?

Different types of curtains are found in different interiors, and only designers know how to correctly apply them in the room design, how to select colors and also not upset the atmosphere of completeness, take into account all the particularities and create an aesthetic look.

Curtains design

Curtains design

What types of curtains are there?

  • Curtains in the Cafe style. This is a young but already popular style for such public places as restaurants, cafes, bistros, in which they are being used most often. Thanks to them, you can impart a homely atmosphere to the location. They are short curtains that are hung on a rail, and the upper part remains open. They are being made in various color schemes with different patterns, checks and animal motifs. A kitchen or a bathroom is suitable for such curtains, although there may be no restrictions.
  • Roman shades look very stylish and beautiful. They are practical in use and can be easily removed for cleaning or washing.
  • Austrian blinds have voluminous folds along with the mechanism of Roman shades. As a rule, translucent airy fabric with different textures is being used for them. They will harmoniously look in the living room, dining room or bedroom.
  • Hangings are made of dense fabrics showing the richness of a window. Also, they are able to protect from sunlight and suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Blackout curtains are made of fabric that includes two color options horizontally.
  • Japanese curtains are being made of natural materials and are a system of straight canvases attached to the rail. They are great for minimalistic style and look nice on wide large windows.
  • Bamboo curtains (blinds) are ideal for allergy sufferers and children because, thanks to natural bamboo, there is no static effect and dust is not being collected. They are easy in maintenance. It is enough simply to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Pleated shades are somewhat reminiscent of blinds but have horizontal bars stretching over the fabric. They are great for office rooms. Being pleated, they are perfect for home.

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