Boiserie - wooden panels

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The first thing that a person pay attention to entering a room is walls. Today, completely diverse opportunities in decorating walls are being open up and designers are able to implement numerous whims of customers.

There are various types of finishing materials for walls — claddings that directly define the quality of interior design. Wooden wainscots are an elegant element of decor that greatly expands prospects of creating an unusual style in a room interior. Such panels can be installed in completely different combinations depending on aesthetic tastes of a customer.

Boiserie (from French ‘boiserie’, i.e. ‘timber planking’) is not a French discovery of the Middle Ages, as many believe. Wooden panels decorated walls in Ancient Egypt where they were painted and decorated with sculptures. The fashion for wooden wainscots has come to France much later, during the Renaissance.

Wooden panels, Boiserie

The use of wooden panels

Wooden wainscots are being used in residential and public buildings. In most cases, they are being used inside a building for wall cladding, partitions surfaces and built-in furniture, as well as separate structures attracting interest to original appearance of a room. Also, they are being used for decoration of arches and other architectural structures.

The use of wooden panels can significantly transform the advantages of the room, as well as hide its functional disadvantages, which can prevent the need in additional expenses for walls leveling. The panels are being installed in various combinations in order to create exclusively aesthetic and functionally diverse structures.

Designers use boiserie to decorate not only walls, but also ceilings of rooms, halls and corridors. They are often being used in lobbies, living rooms and home libraries, as well as in offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Boiserie - wooden panels

The use of wooden panels reveals the whole variety of possibilities for creating interior design in compliance with individual needs of a customer. Depending on material of panels, they can be installed in sections, which makes it possible to saturate specially created gaps with various decor elements, for example, inserts of leather and metal.

Boiserie deserve attention of designers, also, because of such features as high-quality sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation properties. Wooden panels are being mounted quickly enough and bring joy with their appearance for a very long time.


Panels can be completely different in size. Small-sized elements are being used in decor for finishing wooden spacing in the form of planks, squares and borders. The largest of them can reach the middle line of a wall or go to a ceiling. The choice of panel sizes depends on wishes of a customer, as well as on the size of a room and its utility.

Boiserie - wainscots

Boiserie price

The price of wooden panels depends on various factors: whether natural material is used or composite (boiserie from solid wood are more expensive than veneered panels); type of panel covering; type of wood (boiserie made of exotic wood are more expensive); how many decorative elements are used.


Boiserie are often made of:

  • solid wood using timber of noble species;
  • glued wood;
  • rack panels;
  • MDF boards that reflect well external and internal characteristics of wood;
  • chipboards and cork panels.

Деревянные панели для стен 

Since boiserie is a rather expensive type of decor, buying material you need to carefully do measurements taking into account all window and door openings. This can significantly reduce the cost of material and work.

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