Fireplace facing with wood or marble

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Fireplace portal

First prototypes of fireplaces appeared in the Stone Age in the form of an ordinary open fire. At the beginning of our era, inventions have acquired more civilized appearance. It was a stove with open burner and straight chimney.

The purpose of these options is heating and cooking. Modern models differ significantly from their predecessors both in external data and in types of heating.

Modern day fireplaces are:

  • electrical;
  • solid-fuelled (traditional);
  • gas-fires;
  • decorative (false fireplaces, bio-fireplaces).

Fireplace facing with wood

You may face a fireplace portal using a wide range of materials. Before choosing a specific option, you should familiarize yourself with advantages and disadvantages of each of them including the cost and operational conditions.

Fireplace facing with marble

Fireplace portal

Fireplace facing with wood

Wooden false fireplaces look incredibly expensive and solid. However, wood is not suitable for decoration of fireplaces in which a real flame will burn, since this natural material is flammable.

For safety reasons, wood is pretreated with fire-retardant treatment. Besides, the type of dwelling needs to be taken into account, if you wish to decorate a fireplace with wood.

In respect to an apartment or a house where temperature and humidity are maintained constant, then wooden fireplace facing will serve a long service.

In a summer house or a room that is not being heated regularly, it is better to give up on wood, since this material loses its original properties when the temperature often changes.

Fireplace facing with wood

Fireplace portal in a living room interior

Fireplace facing with marble

Marble finishing of a fireplace can be described in three words - luxurious, expensive and durable. Fireplace facing with marble may be of several types:

  • whole structure is made of rubble stone;
  • finished fireplace is faced with marble plates.

The disadvantage is a high price, but it is justified by a huge list of advantages:

  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • does not absorb moisture;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • perfectly fits into any style.

Fireplace facing

Fireplace facing with marble

Ceramic granite and brick

Ceramic granite is an artificial material, which in appearance and physical characteristics is not inferior to stones of natural origin. Synthetic products perfectly imitate marble, serpentine marble, granite.

Brick as a material for fireplace portal facing is popular for the Loft, Retro and Country styles.

The uniqueness of brick is due to

  • relatively affordable price;
  • ease of decoration;
  • durability;
  • universality (suitable for all types of fireplaces, for any settings);
  • excellent esthetic data;
  • a wide variety of design solutions including color, size, texture.

Fireplace in a modern interior

Novelties and trends

Himalayan salt has proven itself as an excellent material for fireplaces decoration. This natural component attracts attention with its unusual appearance.

Onyx is in demand due to the unique texture characterized by color transitions (gradient). Tiles are perfect decoration for fireplaces of any applications and configurations. Embossed patterns create a truly elegant effect.

Whatever finishing method is chosen, a high-quality fireplace facing requires experienced craftsmen to do the work, otherwise the entire initial conception will be spoiled.

Fireplace facing with wood

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