Modular parquetry

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Custom modular parquetry production

Outwardly, modular parquetry is plates made of noble species of wood, which, when laid, make up a geometric or artistic pattern. But do not confuse block parquetry with parquet planks that, in essence, do not have a pattern.

Versailles parquetry with cut-in elements consists of blocks with a thickness of 15 – 20 mm. Dimensions of one plate are from 10 X 10 cm to 80 X 80 cm. Two-layer plate consists of a plywood base with lamellas glued to it. Plates (modules) are connected to one another with an adhesive mixture using mortise-and-tenon joint.

Production of modular oak parquetry

Art parquetry is not a substitute or imitation for an usual one. Modular oak parquetry with exclusive insets is a luxurious choice because its installation is aimed at top-class settings.

Parquetry classification

A huge assortment of art parquetry with images of varying complexity and configuration is presented to a modern consumer:

  1. Chantilly;
  2. Versailles square;
  3. Sheremetev’s star;
  4. Aremberg.

In addition to patterns, modular parquetry is divided by type of coating:

  • brushing that gives the surface a special embossed texture;
  • tinting with translucent or colored enamels;
  • shaping is being used to create wavy lines;
  • aging imparts vintage look to a product;
  • often oil, wax or varnish is being applied to modules, and they can also be produced without any coating.

Modular parquetry

Modular oak parquetry

Modular parquetry laying

Parquetry with insets is designed for small areas with minimal foot traffic. If you plan to lay blocks in the kitchen, it is recommended to choose a dining area (under the table). In large rooms, modular parquetry is being combined with parquet boards. In that way, a room gets sophisticated elements attracting attention to exquisite artwork. When combined with a parquet board, it is important that modules and boards were of the same thickness.

As for conventional parquetry, the base must be prepared of plywood. Also, laying on a cement or concrete screed is possible. The main thing is that the rough surface is smooth and flawless.

Modular plates are being fixed with two-component glue and pegs that are being removed after the glue dries. At the end of the work, just wash the floor and it is ready for use.

Custom oak parquetry

Advantages and drawbacks of modular parquetry

Modular parquetry is in great demand because of excellent aesthetic criteria and simple laying that does not require special time and material costs. Modules have many advantages:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • looks expensive;
  • wide range of patterns;
  • possibility to repair the coating.

Art parquetry is subject to restoration. It is possible to repair plates up to 5 times. But, despite a lot of advantages, parquetry with cut-in elements has disadvantages, namely wood is susceptible to moisture, it has a high price and unfit for places with high foot traffic.

Oak parquetry

Proper laying allows to avoid a number of problems, but an incompetent approach may lead to the need to redo the work again. To do this, you will have to tear off the laid floor, clean plates from dried glue and re-install modules. Therefore, order flooring and installation services from a trusted seller.

Custom modular parquetry

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