Marble in an interior

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Marble in an interior is a time-tested luxury. The richness of color and pattern of its surface will satisfy any requirements of demanding owner and aesthete. It is a material that is being used for rooms created for centuries.

Marble floor in a kitchen

Marble in interior design

Popularity of marble in an interior is dictated by a number of reasons starting with a wide range of design solutions and ending with the purpose. A variety of colors and textures, as well as ability to decorate rooms of any type put this material in a leading position. Marble living room and entrance hall, bathroom and kitchen look incredibly luxurious.

Marble is being used in an interior for cladding walls, floors, tabletops, plumbing fixtures and tables. Various products are being made of marble, such as floorings, fireplaces and fireplace areas, stairs, railings, baseboards, statues, sculptures, flowerpots, window sills, exterior cladding of buildings.


Universality of the material can be talked about endlessly. It fits perfectly into an interior of absolutely any design decision. The main thing is to choose the right color and texture.

Romantic line

Romantic line is characterized by light, warm tones and ornately shaped decorative elements. If we are talking about the fireplace facing, then special attention is paid to columns and decorative carvings.


Classic is characterized by white glossy marble. A cold reflection of its surface visually increases a room.


Baroque, Rococo, Empire suggest a combination of several colors.

High Tech

Marble for the High Tech must be combined with glass or chrome elements.


In the case of the Loft, stone performs the function of complementing main details. With the help of dark shades you can impart a touch of brutalism to an interior.


Flaming Gothic is being created not only by black gloss, but also by beige and even white marble. The main things here are contours, selection of patterns and combination of colors.

Marble in an interior 

Marble in interior design, hall with staircase

Marble classification

Mainly, marble falls into one of two groups, namely artificial or natural. The first option is significantly concede on the price, but not on the quality. The goal of creating a synthetic product is to strengthen physical properties of the material and reduce the cost.

The texture of natural stone is characterized by granularity. The finer and more saturated the granularity, the more resistant the stone is to mechanical stress.

The value of marble is affected by the color that is taken into account when creating design of any interior. Natural marble is classified into:

  • Sculptural or white is being used inside a building because it is sensitive to the influence of temperature fluctuations.
  • Blue, black and green are the most valuable. Green is steady and being used in an interior both indoors and outdoors. The rarest color of the stone is black with gold splashes.
  • There are also pink, yellow, red, beige, brown and gray colors of natural stone.

Synthetic material significantly exceeds natural one in durability and tolerance to environmental conditions. It is divided into:

  • molded — the most lightweight, durable and moisture resistant;
  • gypsum that can be painted in any color;
  • ground is being used as admixtures;
  • flexible — allows to create marble wallpapers, made of acrylic polymers.

Operational features

Marble in an interior, providing proper care, is practical and durable. The stone by its nature is quite fragile and prone to chipping and deforming when contacting with acids and abrasives. If a paint has been spilled on a marble coating, it must be washed off before drying. Marble requires systematic detergent treatment and monthly polishing, which is carried out using soft suede.

Choosing the best sorts of marble, the consumer gets a reliable and durable product. The main thing is to cooperate with a trusted seller with an impeccable reputation who offers exceptionally high-quality products.

Marble in the interior of a living room 

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